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It is a free, relaxed energy of accepting the things in life that we cannot control.


Consulting Services

Specializes in individualized self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self- enlightenment. We utilize the magnetic application of the Law of Attraction. This enlightening gateway allows you to transform your mindset and taps into a higher life frequency. In turn, it ignites your passionate, purposeful life. Key focus points are overall wellness, proper nutrition, fitness, self-care, and developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

How the Idea of the

Company was Conceived

Ayesha Goodall came up with this name after experiencing a very bad separation and divorce from her husband in 2010. In the midst of her divorce, she became extremely overwhelmed with the many responsibilities that come with life in general, working and raising 3 children as a single mother with limited assistance. Due to her pride and embarrassment of a failed marriage, she began taking on these responsibilities by herself without reaching out for support from close friends and family, so much so she had an emotional breakdown which caused her to temporarily lose her children to the State of California. Fortunately, because experts detected that she was just experiencing an adjustment disorder, which is common when going through a divorce and raising small children, the children stayed with their grandmother for six months but within the foster care system. During this short separation from her children, Ayesha realized that she could not juggle everything by herself and utilized her time growing and doing all that it took to turn her breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Since 2012, she has been assisting other women, in particular, break through their barriers. She has also mastered how to help individuals create this relaxed energy, which led to the birth of her company GoodZen Consulting Services.

Free Wellness


Fitness Tips

  • When we walk, our brains are activated and our “gray” matter is protected.
  • This gray matter is involved in muscle control, seeing, speaking, hearing and
    Memory. Walk at least one mile a day to keep the mind in top shape.
  • On average, climbing stairs for just two minutes (six to eight flights)will burn enough
    calories to prevent annual weight gain.

Mental Health Tips

  • Accept that change is a part of living and embrace it.
  • Nurture a positive view of yourself.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and environments
  • Look for opportunities for self-discovery

Nutrition Tips

  • Don’t Shop when you’re hungry. Statistics show that you are more likely to buy Unhealthy foods when hungry
  • If you increase fiber in your diet and do not increase the water you drink, the fiber will become like cement in your GI tract. Prevent constipation by drinking a glass of water in the morning followed by one glass every two hours until bedtime. To be more specific, divide the current weight you are and that’s how much water you need each day.
  • Why eat right for your blood type? Your blood type determines so many factors that influence your everyday life. From susceptibility to certain illnesses to the foods you should eat.

Single Moms Survival Guide Book

This is a book of resources for the single mom. The only thing worse than a divorce is death. Sometimes divorce can feel worse when there are multiple children involved. I wrote this book for single mothers not only to survive but to thrive and reconnect with their kids while moving on with life after divorce. Life is filled with problems; this book is filled with solutions.

This book is a road map for your survival. The true purpose is to Empower the single mom to turn her breakdowns into breakthroughs, Enlighten on how to be whole and raise healthy kids, Elevate the mind to push past the pain, forgive and to find the silver lining to inner peace in the midst of what seems chaotic. It is your blueprint to succeed as a single mother.

Empower. Enlighten. Elevate

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