Ayesha Goodall is a Los Angeles Native and a Wellness and Fitness Expert. She has had a long history surrounded by wellness. Her mother has been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast for most of her life, and her grandmother was a huge advocate of holistic medicine and natural healing. 

With a professional background in Psychology and Corporate Real Estate, she has embraced an indestructible passion to empower others through her signature brand, “ZenFit w/CoachEesh,” which promotes mind and body connectivity to fitness and nutrition. With this unique combination, her focus is to influence thousands of single moms in the workforce and entrepreneurs, to become more confident both mentally and physically. This method, in turn, helps them create a sense of balance while managing the many tasks that come with single motherhood.

After experiencing a few breakdowns, in which Ayesha learned to turn into breakthroughs, she became clearer about her purpose and created her consulting company, GoodZen Consulting Services. She is a Super Mom of three children and she takes pride in teaching her children about how to create a positive mindset and the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle. 

As a CEO and your Fitness Elevation Coach, Ayesha speaks to the masses about this craft. She is also an author, philanthropist, and women’s empowerment advocate.

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