Programs & Classes 


CLASSES All Class are $15 each or $40.00 per month /per class

*All Classes may be virtual or in-person. We abide by CDC COVID-19 Safety Standards.



    Ayesha Goodall of GoodZen Consulting has changed my life. I came to her overworked, stressed, dealing with infertility issues and she set the stage towards the enhancement of my overall wellness. To put it frank, I was on a verge of a heart attack. She encouraged me to put myself first. She helped me put together my own vision board setting the intent of what I wanted to see in myself as far as my fitness and nutrition goals. She designed a program for me based on my specific blood type. She made me aware of various allergens based on my current eating habits. I am so grateful for her grace and patience, as I was not the easiest client to manage. She took the time to understand my fears and allowed me to work at my own pace. I highly recommend her services.


    Coach Eesh does not play. She is truly the epitome of accountability,  she gets results. I lost 10lbs in 8 days. I thought that was abnormal. Once she customized my eating regimen based on my blood type I was so happy, I stopped complaining about her workouts because I noticed my stamina increased. Once I realized she knew what she was doing, I just cry on the inside and follow instructions. I must say my confidence is now through the roof.




    I just want to say that I AM grateful and thankful to Coach Eeesha for helping me through my weight loss journey. She is an amazing trainer and is very knowledgeable.Not only did she provide a Workout Plan but also a Meal Plan designed specifically for me. I feel Great after completing her program  & would highly recommend her to other’s who are serious about getting results.




    Good Zen Consulting Services has changed my life. Ayesha has been uplifting since I met her. She has guided me to continue tto walk in my purpose, which can be challeging at times. Her guidance has helped me to re-focus and has pushed me to continue to pursue my goals of developing a healthy mindset, creating healthy eating habits, to active living. She has also taught me the art of visualization which helps me to manifest what I desire in life. I am so thankful and grateful from the bottom of my heart. I am convinced she was brought into my path for the greater good.


    Working with Coach Eesh was a blast. At the beginning of our training it was hard for me to run 3 laps around a small area, by the end our training I ran 3 laps around the track 2 times larger than the first. I was challenged throughout my whole experience with Coach Eesh. I am so grateful for the challenge. Coach Eesh provided me with many delicious recipes to help start healthier eating habits! Overall it was a great experience that taught me an amazing lesson in perseverance. I had a great time training with Coach Ayesha.